How to Clean a Car Battery

How to Clean a Car Battery

Now that you’ve determined your cause, let’s get to work. Battery acid is involved in this simple process, so you should take the proper precautions for your safety. This includes wearing appropriate rubber gloves and eye protection.

Here’s What You Need to Clean Your Battery:

  • Baking soda
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Anti-rust pad
  • A stiff bristle brush, wire brush, or professional tool
  • Water
  • Protective gear
  • Shop towels

Once you have gathered your materials, you are ready to begin. 

If your car battery is in need of a good cleaning, the following steps will guide you so you can do the job yourself and ensure it is spotless!

  • The first and foremost thing you should do to avoid any injury and eliminate any risk is to turn off your engine. The engine must be completely shut off so you can work safely with peace of mind. You don’t want to take any chances, no matter how straightforward the task is.
  • Once that step is complete, you will need to use a wrench to loosen the nut that holds your negative cable in place, allowing you to separate the cable from its pole. Follow the exact same steps to loosen the positive cable.
  • At this stage, you should stop and inspect your car battery for cracks. If you notice any, it’s a sign that your car battery has a bigger problem, and cleaning alone won’t solve it. A complete replacement will most likely be needed.
  • Also, inspect the cables and clamps. If you see wear and tear, that’s also a sign that replacement is needed.
  • Once you have completed a thorough visual inspection and confirmed that there are no signs of damage, you can begin mixing your cleaning solution by adding one teaspoon of baking soda to one cup of water.
  • Take a toothbrush and use it to scrub off any visible corrosion on the battery terminals. Get in there and scrub as much as necessary to get it completely clean. You may need to dip and soak your toothbrush in the mixture several times throughout the process.
  • Once the scrubbing is done, use a spray bottle with cool water to wash off any residue. You want to make sure all the baking soda is washed away and no rust remains. Once you’ve confirmed that there’s no residue left, take an old towel and pat the battery down until it’s completely dry.
  • The last step is to use a small portion of petroleum jelly to help lubricate the terminal before reconnecting the terminal.


Keeping a car battery free of corrosion is important to keep the car in good working condition. Thankfully, the process of cleaning car battery corrosion is very easy. It only needs a few simple steps and a little care.

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Health and Environmental Benefits of Riding Your Bike

Health and Environmental Benefits of Riding Your Bike

Riding a bike is a big responsibility. In places where there is a lot of traffic, there is always a serious risk of accidents. That’s why you need to follow safety rules to help prevent injuries and accidents. For example, it is important to always wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road.

Not to worry though—bicycling has many benefits that will encourage you to bike again and again. Five of them are important and we want to highlight them here.

1. Reduction in Air Pollution

By changing our bad habits, we will get closer to making our life eco-friendly. The first thing that we will get from biking is a reduction in air pollution.

Many people use the car twice a day. More precisely, we get into our car at least twice – when we go to work and when we need to go back home. If we’re going to pick up the kids from school or go to the grocery store, that number can be huge.

On the other hand, riding a bike uses minimal fossil fuels. This means that riding your bike provides a pollution-free mode of transportation. If you replaced a car with a bike every time you go to work, you would save about 3000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

2. No Non-renewable Fuel Is Burned

Did you know that in 2019 alone, the United States consumed approximately 20.5 million barrels of oil per day? The two most common types of oil used are diesel and gas.

Can you even imagine how much oil we spend per day now? Fortunately, bike riders make a huge contribution to reducing petroleum consumption. Logically, the whole planet Earth would profit from this.

3. No More Congestion/Parking Issues

The picture of streets full of bikes is some kind of utopia. Every car driver understands how it feels when you are stuck in traffic. You start losing your temper and often we are close to some kind of accident.

Here’s another positive effect of cycling – the number of accidents is likely to come down because drivers won’t be as impatient.

Plus, people living in urban areas know how difficult it can be to hear traffic noise early in the morning. You cannot sleep properly at night.

Living in that kind of environment can lead to some psychological and health issues. Our mental health is more important than our physical health. Logically, it is not always possible to step into a more peaceful area. Because of this – let’s make urban spaces bike-peaceful!

4. Now There Is No Need to Destroy Nature

In fact, many families around the world only have one car. Still, the average number of vehicles per American household is 1.88. This means that some families have more than one car in their garages.

Imagine how many cars there are in Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington D.C., Chicago, etc. If the number of cars on the roads continues to increase, then we will have to develop new roads. Why would we replace beautiful parks with roads? If we all started cycling, there would be many more green areas.

5. Improve Personal Health

We told you about the environmental benefits of riding a bike. Yet, each and every person on this planet can get some personal benefits as well.

Bike riding is often associated with improvements in physical health. This habit promotes mental and emotional health. It also improves your balance and posture, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, and overall mood. Plus, riding your bike gives you a chance to get outside and get some fresh air. The personal health benefits of bike riding are considerable.


In short, there are countless reasons why biking is a healthy and environmentally friendly activity – it’s also a lot cheaper than driving a car.

Your Summer Road Trip Checklists

Your Summer Road Trip Checklists

The summer season is finally below and also we couldn’t be much more fired up to strike the open road. Considering that the quarantine is still going on, one of the only things that we are allowed to do is to take a road trip to someplace remote. You could reserve a camping site for the weekend break or simply drive as far as you can previously turning back house. Whatever your strategies are, you must make certain three things: your wellness, your car’s upkeep, and having an emergency set if you happen to break down throughout your journey.

Complying with a blog is a list of things you require to guarantee you follow prior to you set out for your journey to maintain yourself as well as travelers safe.

Checklist for your Vehicle’s Maintenance

Ensure Your Fluids Are Topped Up

The first thing you need to check is the fluid in your car. This consists of the oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, radiator liquid, windscreen washing fluid, as well as transmission fluid. If you are not sure exactly how to alter or top up your fluid, don’t worry! Come into Automobiles R United States and also we will certainly take care of all of your auto requirements before your huge journey.

Check Your Tires

Your tires are an important part of your car when it pertains to your journey. If they are worn down or do not have the appropriate air degrees, you will not be able to get too far. Prior to your load, inspect your tires’ treads to guarantee they are not worn down as well as make use of an atmospheric pressure gauge to examine the degree of air in each tire. Below is a specialist pointer! If you haven’t got your tires rotated in a while, bring your car right into Autos R United States for a turning as this will certainly help your tires wear down uniformly, which is necessary to prolong the life span of your tires.

Check Your Air Filter

Dust as well as debris can clog your air filter, and also if you don’t transform it consistently, it can impact your gas economy and your engine’s efficiency. If your filter is truly unclean, it’s an indication that you require to change it quickly.

Check Your Car Battery

Much like your tires, if you have a malfunctioning battery, you will not be driving too far without a breakdown. Inspect your battery for rust or bring it to Autos R Us for a complete evaluation, consisting of an examination for output voltage.

Check Your Car Brakes

Prior to you hit the highway, examine the honesty of your brakes. Drive down property roadways with the radio off then use the brakes. Look for any type of scuffing sounds as well as for how long it requires to complete a period. If you have any kind of concerns, bring your vehicle to Cars and trucks R United States for a brake replacement.

Emergency Situation Kit Checklist

Prior to you load up the car with treats and amusement, make sure you pack the fundamentals initially. Right here is a listing of things that you ought to always have in your auto, however particularly when embarking on a long journey:

  • Tire Fixing Package and Spare Tire
  • Jumper Cables
  • Blankets
  • Water
  • First-aid Set
  • Non-perishable Snacks
  • Flashlight
  • Lighter or Matches
Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

It is all-natural for most of us to take our lives for approval. Especially when we are utilized to things taking place in a specific method, you never ever recognize how essential something is till it goes kaput. This is especially true for our autos. We utilize our automobiles to perform numerous huge and little jobs in our daily lives that we rarely think about what would certainly take place if someday our auto rejects begin. Below are the leading 5 reasons why your automobile might not begin and how to ensure that your auto remains in good working order.

1. Your Battery May Be Dead

Among the most usual reasons that troubles start is a dead battery. The battery is a crucial element that is made use of by your automobile to provide electrical power to the whole car and truck and also its electrical elements. When the vehicle is in activity, the alternator continues to charge the battery all at once. However, if the battery is not sufficiently billed, the cars and trucks may not begin correctly as well as any electric components will not trigger. There are numerous reasons your auto battery may be dead:

  • Keeping the headlights on for a long time when the cars and truck is not in motion
  • loosened cord
  • Poor conductivity because of dryness inside the part
  • running out of battery

While these are several of the common reasons why your battery might be spoiling, some noticeable symptoms can aid you to capture your battery issue in its onset. Normally, if you observe that your electrical parts are not working right away or if your battery light maintains flashing, this is an indicator that there is a problem with your car battery.

2. Problem With the Ignition Button

If you make sure your vehicle battery is working penalty yet your car still won’t start on an initial couple of tries, there may be trouble with your ignition switch. You can try to limit the issue by checking if you can turn on your auto’s headlights. Most likely, if they can be turned, as well as your engine still will not begin, the issue is most likely a bad ignition.

3. Starter is Faulty

It might stun you to learn that a bad starter is among the most common reasons for trouble starting autos. Starter refers to the electric motor which is attached to the battery. Its work is to establish the engine (i.e. pistons, crankshaft, etc) moving when the ignition is switched on. If there is trouble with the starter, the engine does not crank correctly or does not crank in any way. If you hear a clicking noise when you try to begin your car and truck, the problem might be a broken or weak starter.

Transmission Flush vs Fluid Change: Which is Better?

Transmission Flush vs Fluid Change: Which is Better?

In short, a transmission flush is a process that will remove virtually all old transmission fluid from your car. This process has many benefits as all old and dirty fluid will be removed and replaced with high-quality new fluid. This will cool your transmission and provide maximum protection against wear on the gears, bearings, and clutch. Essentially, it’s a great way to clean your transmission.

A fluid change will also help the transmission. This process removes the pan after which the filter is replaced. Those who are not comfortable with a flush may go with this option instead, however, it is important to remember that fluid changes are much messier than a flush, and more importantly, it only takes about an hour. Available for. Will remove one-third of the liquid. It is also known to be quite a headache for many vehicles, so if you decide to go ahead with fluid changes, you should be prepared, otherwise, it can be quite difficult.

Why Do You Need Transmission Fluid?

Many people consider a transmission flush to be an easier procedure that is more effective, however, it is a more expensive option. You also need to be very careful if your transmission is currently using old dirty fluid. Flush can have the negative effect of causing fluid to move in the opposite direction of normal flow, which can dislodge debris and deposit fluid in the wrong area. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for proper maintenance recommendations and always see a professional mechanic so you don’t make a choice that could harm your vehicle.

Ultimately, both options are meant to extend the life of your car by helping to improve its current condition and performance. You will have to decide which process is best for you based on the condition of your car and the problems it is having.