7 Ways to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

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With the rising cost of gas affecting our budget, you must make sure that you adopt good driving habits to avoid having to visit the pump every few days.

Check Your Tire Pressure

If your tires don’t have enough air, your vehicle will have to work harder to maintain a constant speed. This burns a lot of fuel. So, get in the habit of testing your tire pressure about once a month and keep your tires inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Observe the Speed Limit

Do you know that driving over the speed limit doesn’t make you reach your destination faster? Besides, it’s not worth potentially getting a speeding ticket or hitting another vehicle to save two or three minutes. Additionally, tests have shown that driving at 120 km/h requires about 20 percent more fuel than driving at 100 km/h. Here are some good reasons to go easy on that gas pedal.

Avoid Hard Acceleration

Tapping on the gas pedal as soon as the traffic light turns green is exhilarating, but it uses up a lot of fuel. According to the CAA-Québec, you must not accelerate more than 20 km/h every five seconds.

Follow Maintenance Schedule

Many mechanical issues can increase your fuel consumption. Hence, it is essential that your vehicle is regularly inspected and maintained by an expert. Consult your user manual to determine the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals.

Manage Your Air Conditioning Wisely

Your car’s air conditioning system consumes gas. So, when it’s hot outside, wear appropriate clothing and limit your air conditioner use. It’s best to use your air conditioner when driving on the highway because cruising with the windows down at high speeds can reduce your car’s aerodynamics. However, within the city, feel free to enjoy the wind blowing through your hair.

Use Loyalty Programs

Various loyalty cards offer discounts on fuel. If you become a member, you can use your rewards points to save money on gas.

Fill Up at the Right Time

If you’re not in a rush to fill up your tank, shop around for a good deal. Often, gas prices vary from station to station. For example, if you have an appointment in a nearby city where gas is cheaper, kill two birds with one stone. You can also download an app that regularly updates gas prices near you.


And one last word. Regular car servicing helps in maintaining the fuel efficiency of your engine. Engine parts work together. If poorly maintained, sludge and rust will build up between parts making it difficult for the engine to function smoothly. That’s why engine oil is essential. A good high-performance engine oil can help reduce engine friction, combat sludge, and improve fuel economy.

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