Simple Tips for Looking After Your Vehicle This Spring

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When winters arrive, most of us pay extra attention to making sure our vehicles are winter ready. We make emergency kits in case we get lost in a blizzard, we make sure our batteries are in working condition because being stuck in the cold with a dead battery is something no one wants to deal with, and We make sure that our winter tires are in perfect condition and in good shape so that we can trek safely throughout the winter season.

However, in the spring, many of us still rely on our pre-winter vehicles to transport us through the beautiful countryside as trees begin to bud and flowers begin to grow again. If you want to ensure that your vehicle will last a long and healthy life, you will now need to perform spring maintenance to properly switch to snowless drive.

Change Your Winter Tires

When snow is in the forecast, the first thing you should do is take off your winter tires and replace them with your summer or all-season tires. Many people don’t take off their winter tires during the spring and summer, which can ruin traction when driving on dry roads. When you take off your winter tires, make sure you clean them thoroughly and stack them flat on top of each other until you need them again next winter.

Do a Quick Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just dedicated to your home and garage! You should also do a spring cleaning of your car immediately. Throw away those old coffee cups and fast food bags you left in the back seat, and hand washes both the inside and outside of your car to give it a nice shine when you drive in the spring sunshine. Wash your mats of salt and dirt that have accumulated over the winter and break out the vacuum to clean the crumbs from the carpets inside your car.

Check Your Brakes

Your brakes are used a lot in winter due to slower traffic and faster braking is required to come to a safe stop without sliding in the snow. When spring hits, check to see if your brakes make a rough or screeching sound. Also, see if the brake check light on your dashboard is on. If you see these signs, you will need to take them to a professional mechanic to have them repaired or replaced.

Check Your Battery

Winter weather can be harsh on batteries, too. Most people drive their cars longer in the morning to warm them up before going to work. This can wear out the battery faster, so make sure it’s still running properly is essential to ensure you don’t experience a dead battery while driving in the spring. When you get your tires changed, call the mechanic as he or she can check your battery level to see if you need to replace it.

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