Why Is It A Good Idea To Replace Your Wipers Before This Winter?

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After surviving the summer heat, or winter snow storms, and taking the extreme abuse of turning the wiper blades left and right thousands of times, you will notice that your car’s wiper blades are not working effectively, causing There is loss of vision. There is loss. is decreasing. You may be one of those drivers who underestimates those cheap pieces of rubber and says it’s okay. I can clearly see the end of the road now, and it won’t rain all day. But let us tell you how dangerous it can be if you avoid changing your wipers from time to time.

Change your wipers before winter

Truck and vehicle accidents increase in inclement weather, it’s a fact. The perspective dimensions of truck drivers are different compared to those of small vehicles. During inclement weather or storms, drivers are faced with reduced visibility and sometimes blind spots, especially at night due to glare from headlights reflecting off water on the windshield. So if you can’t see the truck, and the truck driver can’t see you, an unfortunate fatal car accident could happen. This can easily be avoided in low visibility or dark places with good new wipers.

So do you think your wipers can last?

Here are the four symptoms: One or more of them tell you that the wipers need to be replaced urgently!

Timing: Most experts say the expected life of wiper blades is six to months, depending on where you drive. Extreme high temperatures or sub-zero winter weather and the scorching sun will definitely reduce the expected life and efficiency of your wipers. Those wipers are meant to go left and right continuously for hours on end losing their flexibility and efficiency.

If you were one of those drivers who can’t remember all of your periodic car parts inspections, just add this to oil changes or routine inspections of other vehicle parts. You can call us at 905 457 6550 for routine checkups and oil changes of your wipers and vehicle safety inspection.

Texture: You can easily touch your wipers with your bare hands to detect any damage; Easy peeling, dry rubber material, frayed edges, or cracked blades. All of these symptoms indicate that those old wipers are very worn and need to be replaced.

Noise: Streaking, scraping, squeaking, or chattering sounds when the wipers are running against the windshield may indicate a problem with the wiper arm or worn rubber, which affects the wiper’s efficiency.

The windshield is still wet: No matter how many times the wipers move left and right, you can see that the windshield is still wet and there are large gaps where the water does not drain and leaves a broken stream of water.

Vipers do not get the respect and attention they deserve and are treated as cheap pieces of rubber; They do however deflect rain, snow, ice, and sometimes dirt. They can be taken lightly until some unfortunate accident or incident happens. Worn wipers can play a tremendous role in a very costly car accident.

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