Why Your Car Isn’t Blowing Cold Air?

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Common causes of hot air blowing from your car’s air conditioner can be either a bad compressor or a coolant leak. Various car AC cooling problems include a completely non-functional air conditioner, blowing hot air from it, or your AC blowing cold air instead of maintaining the proper cooling temperature.

With the normal expectation of feeling cool air when you turn on your air conditioner, confusion ensues when you’re treated to warm air instead. There can be several reasons why your air conditioner is blowing warm air instead of cool air. The various reasons why your air conditioning may not be working and providing cool air may be related to the need for overall repair or service of several components that contribute to the car’s cooling system.

Reasons: Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Working Properly


1. Low Fee

Due to low charge, your AC is not able to give cool air. Out of all the various reasons for car AC failure, this is the most common reason. Low charge in the AC can be the reason for insufficient cooling, and the only way to solve the problem is to recharge the air conditioner. You can recharge the refrigerant yourself or hire a professional to do the servicing part.

2. Refrigerant leak

Another possible reason why your AC is not blowing cool air could be a refrigerant leak. With low pressure in the system, the compressor will not be able to cycle correctly, and therefore the hot air. Refrigerant can leak at any point of the A/C unit hose connection and so when checking this, look for possible oily accumulation and seal it with the recommended sealant (specially designed for air conditioning units). If there is a problem with a mechanical component of the system, fixing a refrigerant leak with a seal may not be enough. In the case of a large leak, you may need to drain all the refrigerant and replace the fluid properly.

3. AC Condenser Blockage

Your car condenser acts as both an evaporator and condenser to convert the high-pressure, high-temperature gas coming from the compressor into a cold high pressure liquid. It carries out its processes by using the airflow coming from the front while driving. Over time, dust and dirt can build up, resulting in a block. You feel the hot air coming from your air conditioner when the car’s system will continue its operation with overheated refrigerant.

4. AC Compressor Failure

The car ac compressor forces the refrigerant under high pressure before it reaches the condenser. With a bad compressor, your car’s AC system will not operate at its peak. The compressor will need repair if left unused for a long time. There can be many other reasons for this fault like an electrical fault in the circuit or clutch or leakage of refrigerant. Find a certified mechanic to repair your car’s air conditioning.

5. Bad Cabin Filter

The car cabin filter works to separate the dust particles as it enters from the front end while driving the vehicle. A faulty cabin air filter will inadequately filter incoming debris, and an accumulation of this debris can damage motor fans and the car AC condenser as well.

6. Motor Fan Fault

Over time the motor’s fan can become damaged by debris accumulating on it, which in turn obstructs the passage of cool air to the condenser resulting in hot air even when the air conditioning is on.

7. Condenser Damage

One such case is when you feel hot air coming from the AC of your car due to faults in different parts. Debris and dirt from the road may not block your car’s AC condenser but can damage it or lead to its complete breakdown.

You can check for issues by inspecting the front of your car condenser which may be blocked or damaged by road debris.

8. Condenser Fan Failure

You may have a different reason for car AC repair because of a bad fan motor present in the vehicle. You can visually inspect a damaged fan in the system. A bad fan won’t cool your car’s AC condenser enough, and over time, you get hot air instead of cold. The fan may be damaged by an accumulation of dust and dirt, a blown fuse, or other electrical issues with the unit. You may need to repair the condenser to restore its proper functioning. If you are inexperienced with the technical knowledge of car air conditioning repair, it is recommended to seek professional help for this.

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