A Complete Guide for Brake Pads That You Need to Know

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The world of automotive systems has come a long way. Earlier we used to operate brake shoes mechanically, now our cars have ABS system which has made our life easier. But all these components require repair and replacement after a long period of operation.

The parts most prone to wear and tear are the car’s brake pads. Thus, it is always a good idea to choose an Original Equipment System (OEM) braking system. However, there are many options and it is difficult to choose the right brake pads for your car among all. Before brake pads are completely worn out, it is recommended to replace them just to be safe. There are three key things to consider before choosing the right brake pads for your car.

Understand the Need to Change Brake Pads:

Manufacturers of automotive systems recommend changing brake pads after completing approximately 30,000-40,000 miles. Tires and brakes work together, so it is recommended to replace both brake pads and brake shoes together. Your vehicle’s brake pads need to be replaced after you have driven approximately 50,000 miles.

Features you should look for in brake pads:

When you are looking to replace your brake pads, you should consider the following characteristics of your brake pads:

DIFFERENT WEATHER PERFORMANCE: Whether it is dry, cold, rainy, hot, or wet, there will be no difficulty in brake pad performance in any climate.

Friction Level:

It doesn’t matter, if the brake pads are of good material, their friction level will not be disturbed.


Before buying brake pads, you should make sure of their age. They should be likely to withstand maximum wear and tear.

Vibration or Noise:

You should check for noise and vibration before buying the right brake pads. So that later you do not have to face any big problems.

Check Dust Level:

The brake pads are major dust collectors compared to the clutches on the wheels. You should make sure to check the dust level before finalizing the brake pads.

Check Out the Various Types of Brake Pads:

Well, choosing OEM brake pads is always a good option, but before you buy the right brake pads for your car, you should look into the materials that are mostly used to make brake pads:

Organic Brake Pads

These types of brake pads are made of materials like rubber, glass, and non-asbestos organic (NAO) which are eco-friendly and organic. These do not make loud noises and are made of soft material. Thus, these types of brake pads wear out easily and quickly.

Semi-metallic Brake Pads

Most vehicles nowadays have semi-metallic brake pads. These include metals such as steel, iron, and copper ranging from 30% to 70%. These types of brake pads are likely to perform better in various weather conditions and are also durable. The major disadvantage of this type is that it produces more noise and dust than organic.

Ceramic Brake Pad:

They fall into the most expensive category of brake pads made of ceramic fiber combined with filler material. They are likely to last longer but the drawback of this material is that they do not work so well in cold weather as the material it is made from is prone to cracking in cold weather.


No matter what kind of brake pad you choose for your car; It is essential to securely install brake pads to reduce further risks. It is always advisable to install brake pads under professional guidance to avoid the risk of dangerous occurrences in near future.

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