Tips for Dealing with a Foggy Windshield

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If you live in a climate with extremely cold temperatures in the winter and extremely hot temperatures in the summer, your windshield is likely to fog up all year round! It can get annoying to deal with after a while; When it’s cold outside, you just want to turn down the heat, but that results in fogging up inside your windows. When it’s hot outside, you blast the air conditioning, but it has the opposite effect as fog accumulates outside your windows and begins to blur your vision.

Temperature and the amount of moisture in the air are what cause your windows to fog up. When it’s cold outside, the moisture inside your car turns into condensation when it hits the air near the windows. Dampness can be caused by many different things, including snow that you’ve picked up in your car or when you breathe. Condensation is what makes your windows foggy. When it’s hot outside, the opposite effect occurs. When moist air from the AC system comes in contact with your cool windows, a fog will appear on the outside of your windows.

It doesn’t matter if the fog is inside or outside your car; Fog makes it difficult to see, making driving very dangerous. Here are some tips on how to properly defogger your windshield and windows, whether it’s summer or winter outside.

Dealing With Cold Weather Fog

When your car is cooler than the outside temperature, your car will start to fog up when you turn up the heat. For a quick solution to this problem, follow these steps:

  • Turn your heat on to max temperature.
  • Turn on the air conditioning which allows moisture to be pulled from the air.
  • Turn off recirculation. This allows dry, cool air to get into your car.
  • If possible, break the window for a while. It helps convert moist indoor air into dry air.

Dealing With Warm Weather Fog

When the humidity level outside is higher than inside your car, in hot weather the moisture condenses on the outside of the glass. To avoid this type of fog you have to change the temperature inside your car and try to match it with the outside temperature. The next time your windows fog up during the summer, try following these instructions:

  • Clear the fog off with your windshield wipers. Because fog tends to accumulate outside, your windshield wipers are great for getting rid of fog easily.
  • Try warming up the car a bit. You can still leave the air conditioning on but keep it on a low setting that will try to match the temperature outside.
  • Turn off the recirculation button. This will help you fight foggy windows as the humidity level and temperature begin to equilibrate with the climate outside.

Driving with fogged-up windows is very annoying, and driving is dangerous. Use these tips to clean your windows and drive with better vision!

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